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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Happy 30th Birthday, Game Boy!

Last edited by Conina - on 21 April 2019

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30 years, wow. Where does time go?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I still remember the day i bought myself one after saving for so many months. It gave me so many, many, many hours of joy

I never liked the green display and the clunky formfactor.

So I waited a few years and was happy with the transparent Gameboy Color:

Ha, you're old!

Was a great console though, especially since I got mine for free

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Amazing system. Gameboy Color simply made it completely irrelevant a bit later tho, so gimme a Color one please!

Happy birthday Gameboy!

Personally, as great of a handheld the Gameboy was, the most innovative kind was the Gameboy Advance SP. It was extremely portable with it's clamshell design, built-in back light so you can finally play in the dark for the very first time with real color, and built in lithium battery. It just made the original Gameboy Advance look like a piece of garbage lol. Really changed the handheld world for me. Obviously it was just a matter of time and technology that made this happen but still :D

Happy birthday to a legend

Still my most favorite dedicated handheld of all time. Man, it's old.

A legendary handheld with a host of amazing games!

I have the clear transparent classic one, a yellow GameBoy Pocket, and a purple transparent Color.