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Forums - Website Topics - VGChartz's logo has a new font


What did you think of the new font?

The new one is better 11 55.00%
The old one was better 5 25.00%
I don't care either way 4 20.00%

Honestly, I love it. I'm a sucker for sans serif, 2d, minimal fonts, though. Now you guys just have to update that icon for something more modern.

And thanks for all the updates recently, I can clearly see that you're really working hard on the site this year.

Old logo: 

New logo:

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Very Pleasing. Were getting closer and closer to looking like a modern site with every passing day.

The current team is really putting in an amazing effort to improve the site, (I get to see some of it from the background) and the amount of work users like Talonman, Machina, Raven and Ryuu have been doing is amazing. (There are more in this team obviously, just used the names that came to my head first).


Yup, looks a lot better, thanks to @TalonMan and @Raven

Yeah it's honestly amazing how much better this site gets all the time

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A minor change and yet it looks a lot better than the old font. All the improvements made to the site are really adding up.

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It's not often that you see changes of this sort be immediately and near-universally accepted. When they're not, it doesn't always mean you've done something wrong, but when they are, it sure as hell means you did something right. Cheers.

Yep, I noticed. It’s much better.

I appreciate the effort, though I actually prefer the old font. Sans Serif are always very boring to me.

Eh i dont see it,

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