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Forums - Gaming Discussion - World War Z or Days Gone?


Which zombie shooter are you getting?

World War Z 3 7.89%
Days Gone 25 65.79%
Both 1 2.63%
Neither 9 23.68%

Which do you think will be the better zombie apocalypse game: the recently-released World War Z co-op game or the upcoming Days Gone? Which one, if either, are you planning on getting?

While I wasn't a big fan of the movie-plot holes galore (and there were a TON of plot holes, which YMS' review covered in depth), stealing the name of a great book (which is literally all it uses from the book), bland characters (especially the family) and neutered, incoherent zombie scenes-I must admit the game looks rather fun despite it clearly being a third person L4D. One of the few things I liked from the movie, the zombie pile-ups, is also present in the game, and for a $40 price tag, it sounds like quite the bargain. However, the online-only aspect of it kinda gives me pause, and according to Jim Sterling's review, it's also filled with glitches and bugs.

Days Gone takes that same zombie horde concept of the WWZ game and movie, except it actually has a story to it, so it sounds like a more complete product, albeit at a full $60 price tag. The fact that Sony is embargoing reviews until the day before its release is kinda worrisome as well. However, there have been embargoed games that reviewed well with fans and critics (DOOM, RE7, DMC5, God of War, etc.), so it's not a complete deal breaker.

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Well, going by recent video reviews, I'd say DGB over WWZ. WWZ feels like Killing Floor 2, but with the gimmick of running zeds that pile on top of each other, like in the original movie from years back. It's nothing special worth writing about, and DGB feels like it has a better SP focus, while WWZ has a co-op Killing Floor type focus.

If you want a pure SP experience, go for DGB, if you want a bit of janky co-op with running zeds gimmick, go for WWZ (personally I'd just recommend going back to KF2).

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Just by the virtue of Days Gone being single player, it's already way more appealing than World War Z ...

Not sure if the 2 games can really be compared since they target 2 different audiences. WWZ is pretty much Left 4 Dead with more zombies. Watching a few streams of the game looks like a lot of fun but it definitely targets the CoOP and Competitive MP then the story driven Days Gone. I can see people enjoying both and having totally different experiences.

Can't say which one will be better, but as of now I'm more interested in WWZ. I'm not a big fan of online mp games, but after getting hooked up on Apex Legends playing with my friends, it seems like an interesting game.

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I bought WWZ a couple days ago. It’s good.

I’ll buy Days Gone as well, but I might wait for reviews. No point in two zombie games at once, even if they try to do different things.

WWZ looks like garbage.

Days Gone actually looks like a fun game. Plus, zombie bears!

WWZ looks quite repetitive. DG could be too but the presence of a story is enough for me to choose it over an MP title.

I like what I see from both however I do prefer the L4D style gameplay in WWZ and the Zombie pile up looks pretty neat. Days Gone looks graphicly better however it doesn't look like its doing anything new.

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