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If they limit this to getting rid of loli shit, I'm fine with that. But the SJW crazies have been going absolutely nutty these past few years trying to make up for Trump getting into power.

I have no idea how the hell they keep f'ing this up, they have the election in the bag and they keep doing their absolute best to lose the next election. I used to consider myself as left leaning as they got before all this SJW bullshit and now I wanna vote for Trump.... Simply because I can't reward all this SJW stuff.

But back on topic. I'm not okay with them unsexualizing woman in general though because it's mainly men playing these games. We're talking about games like Dead or Alive which is pretty much made for men to play. If girls want their own fighting games, go ahead and make them. But don't mess with ours. You don't support an industry, it doesn't get to exist. You don't just get to force your way into a game series custom designed for men and then go "oh but there's nothing for a woman here!!!" No, there's not, GTFO!!!

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Hynad said:
So... Some people here take issue with a company not wanting to come across as misogynistic?


If you are scared then leave the console business.

Because you don't have a clear line.

Using #meToo movement to justify a take down on erotic and pornographic content is ridiculous.
I mean they gonna take their yaoi VNs away from fujoshis because they get harassed at work ?
"B-but gamergaters likes sexual content" everyone f*in does.

Hynad said:
So... Some people here take issue with a company not wanting to come across as misogynistic?


How is sexual content misogynistic by nature ?

If it is, the solution is to write better sexual content. Not ban it.

o_O.Q said:

fuck sony

men getting slaughtered by the thousands in war games? well that's ok because fuck men

but women showing a little sex appeal? now that's a problem

and nevermind the fact that men are depicted in their idealised forms too, i will never look like kratos no matter how much i train but fucking sjws will just deflect that and say that's a male power fantasy

the ideology driving this is so fucking stupid that it truly is sad to see the influence its garnering for itself

I liked my ps3 and ps4 back in the day but I'm fully converted to PC now, i was considering getting the ps5 but fuck that shit now

I dislike censorship as must as the next guy but using violence as an argument against underage girls being sexualised only shows that you are incapable of justifying said sexualisation of undergage girls.

Both issues are not the same thing. Acceptance of one does not mean acceptance of the other.

And the fact that you use the notion that men in an idealised form (men, not underage boys) to justify your disdain for a policy involving underage girls is truly bizarre.

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PS5 news as so damn good, quick let's make bad articles about Sony.

this will just enrage all the lolicons

While this specifically isn’t a huge deal to me, I really hope the censorship doesn’t grow and expand, Sony having bad relations with most AAA western developers, as well as Sony censoring things like violence and harsh. I can understand not wanting to putt nubile young looking girls in games, but that should be the harsh limit. Sony has no reason to their first party and third party partners that they have to gimp their games in any way. It might help keep the names of some Sony staff clean, but it would inevitably ruin PlayStation.

Probably with trying too hard to avoid offending people is that the effect never fails to snowball and turn things like entertainment into utter trash. South Park demonstrated this perfectly many years ago.

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BraLoD said:
PS5 news as so damn good, quick let's make bad articles about Sony.

This is considered a good article . . . Also if this is negative article in your eyes, these are literal words from sony themselves. 


vivster said:
It will certainly an interesting subject to future scholars how the sexual liberation of the 20th century will be completely undone by the 21st century.

If they can talk and research about this topic. The undoing of the sexual revolution is one thing, but I see the return of ideological restrictions on science. Some researchers are reluctant to share their research on differences based on biological sex because they fear backlash. And that is worse in my opinion.

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