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If it's games that feature things like groping underage-appearing girls, then that's a good thing.
Based on what they said here, I don't think this is suggesting an extension of what they're already doing primarily in Japanese niche games, but an affirmation on their stance.

shikamaru317 said:
twintail said:

Not exactly

The original article for this news even states that this is in relation to underage looking female characters from JPN games.


Sony officials said the company has grown concerned that its global reputation could take a hit from sexually explicit content sold in a few markets. A big worry is software sold in its home market, which traditionally has had more tolerance for near-nudity and images of young women who appear to be underage.

So basically they're just officially announcing the policy they enacted like 7 months ago? lol

If they haven't talked about it publicly before, and considering the content of the article, that seems probable.
They didn't elaborate on their stance on not wanting cross platform gaming either until some months later.

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bringing this shite back into light 5 years after it died down? Let this die honestly.... wait, let me rephrase, let it dead. Anita doesn't need the second coming, her youtube chan has been nice and dead for the last few years, leave it be. Princess peach doesn't need a champion, she already has Mario fighting the fight for her.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

Shrug. If i want porn i go to the internet.

Hunting Season is done...

I fail to see why anyone should dictate what others are allowed to enjoy in their free time.

What a weird thing to see Sony become Nintendo of America of the 90s. What a weird timeline we are living in.

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Welp, this will certainly lure out all the neckbeards making inappropriate comments and completely reaffirming Sony's decision. Isn't it nice how society works?

It will certainly an interesting subject to future scholars how the sexual liberation of the 20th century will be completely undone by the 21st century.

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I don't like this at all. Even though I don't play these types of games, there is an audience for them.

o_O.Q said:
SpokenTruth said:

When you come up with a valid comparison, let me know. 

men are typically depicted in video games as disposable to a far greater extent than women are, if your argument is that depictions of either gender in video games must be positive then its rather bizarre that the issue of male disposability doesn't seem to be on your radar(well not really since i understand how the ideology works far better than most of its proponents funny enough)

but regardless if the argument is narrowed down to presentation only, well men are idealised in terms of their designs just as much as women are

but people who are infested with the equality doctrine just dishonesty hand wave this away as "male power fantasy" without acknowledging that to be sexy and to be desired is an ideal for women just as much as being strong and powerful is an ideal for men

but obviously they can't acknowledge that, if at the base of their perception is the stupid idea that men and women are the same and have the exact same motivations and drives can they?

lol, I think people completely miss the mark in terms of sexualisation comparisons. Idealised =/=Sexualised.

Now street fighter would never be a target of sony and I think this whole OP is greatly out of context, sexualisation is not being cut out of games. But on the topic the first image in your comparison is not sexualised, the second is. Aa straight man probably wouldn't see this. That Ryu depiction is coming from straight male gaze and which is not driven by sexualisation but more by ideals of masculinity. His whole outfit is also functional, whereas the latter is literally about sexualisation. I mean the developers went through the effort to make the leotard essentially so tight its painted on, it originally also had faint nipple imprints which obviously placed there by horny artists/art directors... 

Emphasis on crotch shots... Military outfits centred on sideboobs lol...Compelely random outfits there to sell the anatomy


If Ryu & the other male charcters were sexualised the same you would probably have:

1) more varied body types and not just steroid bodies
2) Random nudity creeping into male outfits where it doesn't belong & outfits existing just to tease
3) Far more chest hair, V-lines & Butt emphasis.
4) More hansome faces (although beareded Ryu and Rashid are babes <3)


People threatened, worried, or offended in any way by 3D models need to really reasses their priorities in life.

I'm not too surprised, as Sony seems to really try hard to cater to a Western audience despite being a Japanese company, and the Western world seems to be growing extremely puritanical of late in a variety of areas. 

Frankly I never understood the argument against sexualizing women in video games, the same way I wouldn't understand any argument against sexualizing MEN in games.. Appreciating the beauty of the female form in absolutely no way is disempowering women, it's the opposite! Then there's the argument that it's "objectifying".. Umm, in what way? And according to who exactly? What about the women who enjoy these depictions as well?

And showing sexualized female figures in video games (or anywhere else) in no way discounts the fact that she could ALSO have personality, depth, intelligence, etc.. You can appreciate someone's physical appearance while ALSO appreciating their personality characteristics can you not? Physical beauty and depth/personality are not mutually exclusive, and it baffles me that some seem to think it is.. I dunno, maybe I'm the crazy one? Am I missing something here?

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So... Some people here take issue with a company not wanting to come across as misogynistic?