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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Playing Video Games After Their Popularity Has Faded


Do you feel disconnected when playing a game that's popularity has faded?

Yes 4 14.81%
No 22 81.48%
Other (reply below) 1 3.70%

Hey everyone! So, I'm currently writing an article on the feeling that I've had when playing a game late. What I mean is, playing a game after its popularity has faded. I just this past month completed Undertale, 4 years after its initial release. While it took the world by storm when it first came out, now, there's not much discussion about the title. This makes me feel a disconnect from the rest of the gaming community. Does anyone else feel like this? I'm looking for voices for the article, so let me know!

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I played Hotline Miami in late summer of 2017, almost 5 years after it came out, and not only did I enjoy it immensely, but I talked about it both here and in my EDF PSN chat group, which got others telling me about their experiences. Even in the absence of those exchanges, I can't say I'd feel necessarily feel disconnected from it's fan base. Same thing happened with Dishonored, which was also a 2012 game, and the next game I started after Hotline Miami.

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Thank you for the input!

I make videos that are sometimes funny I think?

Check out my Youtube gaming channel here!

I don't think it is a problem, but certainly some games you get more enjoyment from being able to talk about with friends on release.

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For me the game discussion is an afterthought. I play a game and if it is in my top 10%, then I feel like discussing it. Otherwise I just move on to the next game. I beat Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time last year, and just thought it was an awesome experience. Then I had no one to discuss it with. Oh well...not sure what to do, but I am going to still keep playing great games from the past.

The main games I feel like I have to play when they are hot are local multiplayer games. But then I don't need any online discussion, because I am enjoying them with friends and family.

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No not really, Don't feel the need to talk about a game after I've finished it, and i truly only care about opinions from people i care for

I don't feel like this at all... But this is just for single player games obviously. I also played Undertale last month (I guess), and the game was awesome, so who cares if it's not as popular as it used to be? For multiplayer games however, I couldn't bring myself to finish LBP2 because the community is pretty much dead at this point.

I started playing Metal Gear Solid 4 in 2012. But finished it in 2015. That's 7 years after it released.
I still had someone to talk to about it, though she had forgotten a lot of things over time. Which did make me feel like I would have rather played it back when it came out.

I do usually want to share experiences like that with someone.
So that is one incentive for playing them earlier rather than later.

And for online play, that's important since you may have trouble finding online matches if its popularity has faded.

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Absolutely not. I have learned a very valuable lesson, never buy a game in the first 6 weeks of release. First your paying way too much, chances are if the game is not selling extremely well a price drop will occur in the first 6 weeks. I play all my games approx 8 weeks or longer after the release. a strong multiplayer game will have a base for a long long time, and single player whats the rush, in fact I kinda like it when Im still amazed at a game that is 3 months old.

I have no problem in doing both. Sure, it is fun to be playing a game right when it releases cuz discussions with other peers might be more interesting the game on the same time gap but it doesn't devaluate the experience you'd have if you were to do it later. Discussions can always be done with those who already played it without penalty for missing the release window.

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