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Forums - Gaming Discussion - World War Z launches today, any interest?

Kind of come out of nowhere. Officially tied to the movie, which was loosely based on the book. Originally I was intrigued because it was the first I saw to show off this aggressive, wildly enraged type of zombie we’ve since seen also shown in Days Gone. Anyone who has seen the movie remembers them being super quick and piling over one another to form bridges and ladders to reach areas. A stark difference from the zombies we normally see in vidya games.

By all accounts it’s a solid co-op game, so it’s definitely much more of a social experience, kind of like CoD zombies. But there are character classes you level up to unlock more abilities, and as you use each weapon, you also level them up to make them better through attachments, etc. There’s also some sort of PvPvE mode where two teams of four fight while zombies are around. 

It’s $40. Haven’t seen any reviews yet but tbh I never put any faith in reviews of online titles. Though this one does have an offline mode. Epic Games Store exclusive for you master race people!

I think I’m gonna buy today after work. Will post impressions. Apparently the gore is amazing.

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The game is pretty solid. I need to play more to get more into the unlockable perks and stuff, and the PvP needs some pretty strong spawn fixing, but it's an interesting twist on normal PvP having zombie hordes running around.

Apparently it sold a million copies very fast.

Zero. Just go back and play Left 4 Dead.

Cerebralbore101 said:
Zero. Just go back and play Left 4 Dead.

Pretty much am, as well as Killing Floor 2 and Dying Light.

I would have given it more of a gander, had it not been Epic exclusive though, but hey, those devs are celebrating the small number of sales, compared to ignoring other storefronts, so I guess I've no need to purchase from them in the future either. 

Cerebralbore101 said:
Zero. Just go back and play Left 4 Dead.

Well, it IS the closest thing we'll ever get to a L4D3 with modern day Valve (no, HL3 ain't happening, either), albeit in third person. 

I heard some mediocre things about this game, namely the lack of content, always online, oh and Jim Sterling's review says it's full of glitches and bugs.


The movie wasn't that great, either, and not just because it stole the name of a great book for money (that's literally all it uses from the book). 

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