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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite Devil May Cry Game?


Favourite Devil May Cry Game?

Devil May Cry 128 11.93%
Devil May Cry 2 16 1.49%
Devil May Cry 3 174 16.22%
Devil May Cry 4 73 6.80%
DmC: Devil May Cry 104 9.69%
Devil May Cry 5 176 16.40%
Other - I don't like the series 134 12.49%
Other - I haven't played any/enough of them 268 24.98%

This week's front page poll.

So DMC5 has been out for slightly over a month now, which will have been enough time for fans to form an idea of where they'd rank it in the series so far. Does it take the top spot though? Which is your favourite DMC game?

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Best gameplay, story/characters and love the OST.

Havent played DMC5 (the only one I havent played) though.

For me I rank it as

3 > 4 > DmC > 1 > 2.


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Dmc. I unironically like almost everything about the game. 3 was good too.

DmC: Devil May Cry. Such a great game.

For me, it is a toss up between 5 and 3.

Now the real question, who is trolling us by voting for the only game on that list that is not a real DMC game?

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I think I would say: the first one.

The first one had the atmosphere and the right difficulty. I remember those small corridor rooms where you would be forced to fight one of those shadow panthers that made me go: "Are you fucking kidding me?! I need to fight that thing HERE?!"

I haven't played DevilMayCry5 because I am currently playing and finishing DmC, but I would react to the franchise the following way:

DMC1: Possibly my favorite

DMC2: I loathe the sequel. Story is boring, Dante is not Dante, the game is too easy, the character is stiff and I feel like it doesn't respond well and fast enough to my commands. Stupid tank bullshit enemy what the fuck where they thinking?!

DMC3: Very cool game but the atmosphere of the first one is lost. It feels more like an anime game rather than a Gothic story like the first one.

DMC4: More like a return to form, feels like #1 and #3 were fused together and they had a baby called DevilMayCry4

DmC: Liking it a lot so far. Fights are challenging, at least trying to go through a whole level without getting hit. It doesn't have much atmosphere like DMC3 but the gameplay is really cool and dynamic (no enemy lock-on feature though and I was initially scrambling to evade attacks with shoulder block + X and failling miserably because there is no such feature playing on PC)

DMC5: I will play DMC5 once I finish DmC's story and the Bloody Palace.

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John2290 said:
It's definitely not DMC5 with it's glaring flaws and campy feel, great game imo, 8/10 so it is between DMC4 and DMC and as I played them 8 years apart I can't quite tell. 

I know you said it's been a while since you've played DMC4, but you should really rethink DMC5's "glaring flaws" in the context of the rest of the franchise. Some of the issues you listed in the review thread, like the lock on, are just issues with the entire genre in general - even Platinum Games' titles have the occasional lock on mess up. It's just the reality of the genre, if you're going to push speed and player inputs to the limit you're going to sometimes run into a hiccup. I'm playing Nier Automata right now (on route C) and it has much more consistent camera problems. I would even say that DMC4 had this issue way more consistently than 5. DmC doesn't even have lock on, which I'm not sure is really better or fixes anything, sounds like it would make the problem worse but I've yet to play that so.

You also mentioned weapon swap, and I agree with your idea that pulling one of the triggers and using the d-pad would be a great way to choose your weapons on the fly. But again, this issue would arguably be in DMC4 as well because that game also had your entire inventory on the triggers. The only reason that was faster by default was just because Dante had less weapons in that game - which is a bad thing, not a good thing, because you can customize your loadout in DMC5 so that you don't have to swap between a lot of arms and guns.

And DMC4 is far more campy. Frankly, it's the campiest DMC game. 

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The first one.It was what got me in the series and honestly, I kind of miss the RE legacy of inspecting stuff and "back and forth" the first one had(basically the little exploration that it had).

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

DMC 1 was the best.
4 and 3 were super cool, but they missed something the first had. The dense atmosphere, gothic horror feel of the castle setting, general scaryness and the quite serious tone gave way to over the top action and too much joking around.

I loved DMC 3 and 4, played through all difficulties of 3. Gameplay is in the later games much improved and way more versatile, which can only be a plus. But DMC 1 is just more in tune with my tastes and holds a very special place in my heart.

I'm eagerly looking forward to playing DMC 5. Just gotta finish Ni no Kuni 2, Astro bot and Resident Evil VII DLC first.

I think I'll have to say the first one.
I think DMC 3 had my favorite combat, and more interesting characters. But the scenery, sound and music of the first game made the strongest impression on me, and I had the most fun playing it.

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