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Should games like Sekerio have an easy mode?

Yes. 0 0.00%
No. 3 75.00%
Unsure. 1 25.00%
Other/comments. 0 0.00%

This debate has pretty much run it's course now and let's use Sekerio as an example as it was what sparked the debate again recently but I'd like to see what real gamers think rather than Twitter users and journalists, so your opinion? 

Also, please remember that Easy mode is a form of accessibility but that is not the issue here and too avoid confusing semantics let's say accessibility would entail an auto deflect system or something similar where as easy mode would increase player health and lower bosses for example in a separate mode and not an options toggle so we should not be getting into broader accessibility a d derail the conversation as it has been so often now. 

Should FromSoft add an easy mode? Is Sekerio too hard or is it just right and people need accept it isn't for them? Did you find it too hard? Do you want tan easy mode?

Personally I think there are many way FromSoft could make Sekerio a little easier without adding an easy mode and I do think they went a little to far on some bosses late game but after beating the game and every boss I think it is a very small margin from where I am standing, that said I don't think it needs an easy mode as that would ruin the games integrity and remove the adrenaline rush when getting close to a kill and the euphoria when defeating a boss and sense of acomplishment. It would also be too difficult for me to avoid bitching out to easy mode while in the middle of a frustrating time consuming boss. 

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That last part, I mean that there are many ways they could retain the integrity of the game for players who want the challenge while keeping g the set difficulty, one would be grinding to over level, something that is here but not to a large degree enough to make the game easy enough to fight a true boss without still having to learn from trial and error. Another example would be something similar to the Demon bell or kuro's charm that you can add on to make one aspect easier, whatever it is that is your weakest point like adding greater posture but the trade off Being slower dodges do you can build your own easy mode around the areas that you are failing while still having to engage in the game and actually play it the way it was intended, this could be further built upon by making these options an item in the game that requires some form of skill to obtain like hiding the item in a dungeon filled with hard mobs that you have to fight your way through.


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