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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you expect FFVIIR and FFXVI at E3?

What do you think? Kingdom Hearts 3 is released, so the Show must go SE ready to show FFVIIR and even a first trailer for FFXVI...?

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No not really, FF7 is in development hell and FF16 probably just started development

I'm not really sure I want to see either one there. Square Enix has a tendency to announced their games way too early, which leads to these ridiculous waits for each new game. I guess it depends entirely on where either game's development is going at the moment.

E3 in what year?

Badum tshhh

No. You shouldn't expect anything from Square, it'll make your life easier.

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Normally I would expect to see FF7, but now I'm not going to expect anything regarding that game.

For their own sake, they may not want to show FF16 before they're far along in FF7.
I don't expect to see FF16, but I wouldn't mind seeing it.

I think it'd be cool if Square took a more retro approach with FF16. Now I think it's a stretch to imagine them reducing their flagship series which is known for flashy graphics and CG cutscenes back down to pixel art, but I'd be on board. Plus dev time would be drastically reduced.

VII will be there in a big way, I'd have thought. The first part *should* be launching either late this year or early next year. They've been working on it now for years.

XVI is pretty much nailed on for a teaser trailer. It's been 2 and a half years now since XV released, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Dragon Quest XI are both out of the way and Square Enix have been somewhat uncharacteristically quiet in terms of future announcements.

Outside of the Avengers game, they'll want to have a fairly big presence. The best way to do that is Final Fantasy XVI (at the Xbox event!)


Don't think they will be this year without Sony. Even less probable for FF XVI that would be first trailer.

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Logic would dictate that we should get something for FFVII:R but this is Squarenix we're talking about so I'm not getting my hopes up.

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