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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have You Signed up to the Epic Games Store?


Have You Signed up to the Epic Games Store?

Yes 192 19.67%
Not yet, but I will 54 5.53%
Not yet, and I'm not sure if I will 135 13.83%
No, not interested 595 60.96%

This week's front page poll.

So Epic's PC rival to Steam has been generating a lot of headlines recently, mostly for buying up exclusives in order to get a strong foothold in the market and compete with Steam, so this week's question is: have you signed up to it? And if not will you?

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Never! I won't betray Steam!

ofcourse, I love free games and I was signed up through the few Fortnite matches I did anyway

I'm not sure I would have even because of the free games, but I have an account anyway because I've been fiddling with Unreal Engine in the past. Because of it, I've also taken advantage of the free games (and nothing else, and I plan to take advantage of nothing else). So yeah, I have an account but I don't think it was actually called Epic Games Store when I created the account, so technically I've never signed up for Epic Games Store - and obviously I'm not going to sign up for another account either. That is, I'm going to skip answering the poll.

Seeing as i use a launcher for each dev/publisher i dont see why i wont get it aswell

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Nah will never do it . I dont need another launcher but i dont support those who think they are above the law and buy people off

Ka-pi96 said:
Never! I won't betray Steam!

Why are you showing an alliance to a company?...

And as for me, no.  I absolutely refuse to do anything related to Epic, after what they have done.  I have a PS4 so I don't need detroit, beyond, or heavy rain, or journey.

I have origin, and  i wish there weren't so many launchers, but I just cannot support epic after all they have done.

No, not much of a PC-gamer

I'm not a PC gamer, but I hope all of Tencent's offices are swallowed by the Earth. As for Epic specifically....I couldn't imagine a scenario where I would create an account and buy anything from their store.

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Not really a pc gamer, seldom use steam at all. But if I do, I may check it out.