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Forums - Sony Discussion - Elaborate April fools joke from the Yakuza team..or is it? TurnBased combat in next Yakuza?(or mini game)

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Most likely no, but he did say he wanted a major change for the series..
They are also removing the vid in a couple days...

This looks awesome. I wouldnt mind!

This needs to become real!

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This actually looks good.


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That is way too elaborate and time-consuming to just be a one-off April Fools prank.

It will almost for certain be in some form in Shin Yakuza, most likely as a mini-game sort of thing like the Majima construction stuff.

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The over-the-top, and very well done cinematic animations that accompany the fight scenes in Yakuza fit perfectly in a turn based combat system. This looks great! Also the random, hot Japanese woman in the short skirt if my first ever waifu.

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This could definitely be real.
It's not like the over the top humorous elements and effects are alien to the even the Yakuza mainline franchise.

And remember they did make a zombie shooter spinoff.

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Too much effort to be an April Fool's joke.

I call real, and I love it! I wanted the game play to be different for the new Yakuza series than the previous ones too!

That would automatically make it the best Yakuza game ever! I hope it's not just a joke!