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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Direct 4.1.19
Game into our new Xbox Direct with updates on some of the hottest video games of the year.

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Companies coming out with news every once in a while is good, but I’ll just state the obvious before someone else does; XBox “Direct”?

EDIT: Or wait a minute it’s April Fools... D*mn.

*Playstation Direct*

Fixed it.

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Dang you, i am about to post this. LOL , You beat me

LOL, I love dunkey.

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Everyday is April Fools with Dunkey.

4th January? Why is it only being posted now?

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

This had me ROLLING! Thanks for posting!

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

I knew it was coming, but couldn't help laughing every time he said "On the PlayStation 4."

golden, loved it!! I nearly spat my food out while watching this!!