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Forums - General Discussion - Persona: Live Action Series only on Netflix!

Persona | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Wow, ATLUS is really innovating with these spinoffs. :kappa:

That was a weird trailer. Wonder which of the games it's based off of.

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Don't think that is based of the Persona-games, they only share the same name.

Wait, so it isn't based on Ingmar Bergman's 1966 movie Persona? Now that's false advertisement.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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i love Persona (Story/Gameplay/Characters/Atmosphere/Soundtracks)! The Games (P3/P4/Persona 5) are fantastic.
The Persona 3 Anime-Movies = good. The Persona 4-Anime was bad... no soul & boring :(
Live Action Series with real people.. i have no interest.
For those who do not know yet: The Persona 3/4/5 inventor is currently working on a new ip for PS4 - I think it will be an RPG again. And there will be news about Persona-Games by Atlus soon :) Looking forward to the future =)
PS: Who are your favorite Persona-Characters ?

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April fools joke?


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Gotta be an April Fools joke. If not, I expect Death note caliber quality.

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Shiken said:
Gotta be an April Fools joke. If not, I expect Death note caliber quality.

Or it's just a Korean drama that happens to share a name with a Japanese game franchise by coincidence and nothing more. Perhaps that.

I see the joke, but I love IU singing and acting, so I’m not affected by this. Can’t wait to wait this 

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