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Forums - Sony Discussion - Persona 5/4/3: Who are your favorite characters ?? And why ? *May contain SPOILERS*


Which wish is bigger: A PS4-Remake of P3 or P4 in future?

Persona 4 6 42.86%
Persona 3 5 35.71%
Please both!! 50:50 % 3 21.43%
see results 0 0%

I am interested in your thoughts. Who are your favorite characters in Persona 5, 4 and 3 ?

And why ?? :D I'm curious about your reasons :)

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Persona 3: Akihiko Sanada. I like how confident and reliable he is.

Persona 5: Haru Okumura. She is elegant and sweet.

P5. The protagonist is just a badass.

second place:
P4, Yu Narukami. He's cool in my opinion. He gives off that detective vibe.

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I have lots of favs lol:

Makoto (P3 Protag): He's a silent introverted guy, but he's cool and OP as fuck.
Aigis: Robots are cool, and she's cute.
Koromaru: He's a dog, so you have to like him by default.
Shinjiro: A cold badass on the outside, a cuddly guy on the inside.
Kanji: he's funny
Naoto: Her chemistry with Kanji is pretty funny, also she's cute and smart.
Adachi: Well if you played P4, you already know.
Joker/Ren: He's hot, and he's in Smash, so you have to like him by default too.
Morgana: Has a nice big head, and is cuddly (also annoys you when you're not asleep).
Futaba: A dumb nerd, but she's pretty good at her job, so I like her a lot.

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P5 Joker, hè is a badass, also Sojiro Sakura is really dope. He has such a great sense of humor and a pretty sad backstory.

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Persona 3 would honestly be Rio or Aegis
Persona 5 would be joker or futaba
I haven’t had a chance to play P4 yet

I think Persona 4 has the best cast in ANY JRPG bar none.

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ShadowSoldier said:
I think Persona 4 has the best cast in ANY JRPG bar none.






Persona 3:


She's funny.


Has high standards. I like that.


Elizabeth is a treasure.

Persona 4:


Calm personality. Very thoughtful/smart.

Persona 5:


Love his design.


Best girl.


In case I ever get sick.

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Just played P5, and there none is better than Joker, that is because he represents myself =p

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