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Forums - Politics Discussion - Clever take on no Russia collussion to call on for election integrity


Is legislation needed for more secure elections?

The US has the best elect... 1 12.50%
Minor adjustments are eno... 0 0%
Bring forward legislation... 5 62.50%
I don't know. 2 25.00%

I think this is a very clever take on the outcome of the Muller-probe, to use it for bringing forward legislation to make the elections more secure against tampering - from foreign countries or inside forces. Nice take.

What do you think, is legislation needed to make the elections better?

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Minor changes may be all that’s needed, but legislation is more likely to make the process go a lot quicker, or at the very least ensure that the corrective measures are standardized and subject to equal enforcement.

There does need to be sufficient measures in place to prevent election tampering, both from within and from without. Many of our electronic voting machines are vulnerable, and need to be updated and secured. Any politician caught and convicted of doing things like what Mike Harris' campaign did in North Carolina should be punished severely.

And beyond that, we need major electoral reform in this country in general. Gerrymandering, "first past the post" rules, and the Electoral College all result in grossly unrepresentative government. While there have been many solutions proposed, I think some form of ranked-choice voting would be best. Also, Election Day should be either moved to Saturday or extended to two or three days. Also, we should be extremely suspicious of anything that attempts to make voting more difficult.


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Yes, the collusion would've totally lead to a crisis of integrity. Not the fact that the President of the United States is lying on a daily basis and openly displays racial and misogynistic tendencies.

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I think you guys need to deal with your racist Voter suppression laws

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ShadowSoldier said:
I think you guys need to deal with your racist Voter suppression laws

This sounds like something a dictators regime would support.