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Forums - General Discussion - 9 Million Posts

It' been almost three years since the 8 millionth post, but we've been slowly getting closer. We're less than 10k posts away from the next milestone right now!

Who's gonna get it this time?

Previous milestones

First post: ioi

100th post: maulberto

1000th post: Monty

1 millionth post: spdk1

2 millionth post: Carl2291

3 millionth post: ioi (disqualified due to cheating)

4 millionth post: manuel

5 millionth post: outlawauron

6 millionth post: Conegamer

7 millionth post: padib

8 millionth post: melbye

9 millionth post:

*Copied from the 7 millionth post thread*

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... Maybe?

Kapi deserved it back in the day.
Post machine.

I'm gonna spam posts until I hit 9 million. Wait here, I'll be right back.

Based on this:
"Edit: ...ioi got it, but he cheated though :P, so I'm going to go after the 3,036,757 post, technically it's the 3 millionth post :)"

The real milemarkers are:

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The race has begun!

Please excuse my bad English.

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The real question is what will it be about?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I said that in the Discord already but once again here:

The winner will get a month of Bronze supporter gifted by me :D

The time between the first millions went so freaking fast

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S.Peelman said:
I'm gonna spam posts until I hit 9 million. Wait here, I'll be right back.

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