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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Donkey Kong Country vs Yoshi's Island


Which is better?

Donkey Kong Country 39 52.00%
Yoshi's Island 36 48.00%

Both iconic SNES platformers released at the tail end of the system's life, both beloved classics, but which is the better game in your opinion, and why?

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I love Donkey Kong Country 3, but I would choose Yoshi's Island. It's a masterpiece.

Yoshi's Island without a doubt, probably the finest 2D platformer, the level design, the music, the great movement and control, its ability to always surprise you with incredibly memorable moments with the bosses, absolute perfection.

I'll say the only DK that goes toe to toe with Island is Tropical Freeze.

As much as I love DKC

Yoshi's Island gets my vote for being the more refined game out of the two in terms of artistic design and gameplay.

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Donkey Kong Country for me. - Visually it was the absolute cutting edge at the time... And artistically, it could hold it's own, especially in Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3.

But the audio cues is where Donkey Kong really pushes ahead in my opinion, who thought the SNES was capable of such music?

Gameplay wise, it's a run and gun platformer, but Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 successful built upon those foundations and substantially expanded upon it.

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I like this thread. :) Been asking myself this question for (whoa) over two decades, but Yoshi takes it over DKC1.

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DKC 2 is the only valid answer. Except if we're talking about the banger track on YI final boss.

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I need to replay Yoshi's Island. My memories of the series is of the atrocious recent entries.

Yoshi's Island for the music and gameplay. There's so much variety in the gameplay compared to DKC. I'm also more of a fan of the art style as it still holds up very well today. Still one of my favorite games of all time.

morenoingrato said:
I need to replay Yoshi's Island. My memories of the series is of the atrocious recent entries.

As long as you don't include Wolly World then I won't have to exorcise you.

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