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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The PS9 Trailer

That's right folks, it's the Playstation 9. That might sound funny to Germans but that's the name. Sony released a tester trailer a few years back. So let's take a trip down memory lane and watch the earlierst ever reveal for a console. 


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I hope i still live when the day comes, healthy  , and still have energy , and motivation  to play games.

I was thinking about saving money to upgrade my PC, but now I think I will save it for a Playstation 9.

This was a PS2 advert. In case people don't know.

This video is cut off at the end, when they show a PS2 with the slogan "this is just the beginning", or something like that.

It was for PS2's US launch, October 2000. It's funny because, the PS2 at the time was hyped to the stratosphere.

I can't wait to see what us PC overlords have to say when the PS9 comes out and we need to prove our superiority.

"Yeah? Well, the ps9 doesn't give me 240 fps locked or 320,000p resolution, nor does it do quad line tracing.

But I'll also own a Nintendo device and probably be saying something like this:

"Yeah baby, 4k Mario at last!"

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There's nothing funny for Germans about PlayStation 9, because Germans don't pronounce the number in English. They'd say "die PlayStation 9" (neun), not "nine" which sounds like the German word for "no".

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Oh no, not the motion controls!!

mZuzek said:
Oh no, not the motion controls!!

I'll probably be playing in a full-immersion VR headset by then.

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They mention 2078.

But if you go by every 7 years a new system comes out - PS9 should realistically come out by 2050 or so :X

Unless they have a FF versus XIII/FFXV type of work schedule/plan.



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That's not the ps9, that's the Okama Gamesphere!