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Forums - Website Topics - "Like" Notifications - Final Update

If you "like" a post, it will now notify the user who "liked" the post on their notification list. There will still be a number of "somebody liked" because I only recently started tracking the "who". 

If you wish to keep your "likes" anonymous, go to your settings and check the box for "Anonymous Likes"...

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This seems like a nice compromise :)

I’ve been sorta ambivalent about likes, but now I view them as more meaningful and maybe more productive in terms of relationship building on the forum. If member A sees member B like his/her post, perhaps that starts a conversation and even a friendship.

You're doing the Lord's work, Talon.

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Im feeling the love yall

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Cool, it's nice to know

I should also point out - the option to hide (or un-hide) your likes, is always retroactive. If you hide them, your name is masked as "somebody liked" in all notifications - if you change your mind and un-hide them, your name is shown in all the notifications (beginning when I started tracking)...

Thanks Talon for your work.

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How can I clear the notification on iOS?

LudicrousSpeed said:
How can I clear the notification on iOS?

You mean clear the indicator? Just go to Notifications (from the Avatar drop-down)...