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Do you buy more games than you play or have time to play?

Yes. 11 64.71%
No. 2 11.76%
At times. Rarely/sporadically. 4 23.53%
Other/comments. 0 0%

I play about 2-3 hours during weekdays and about 5-6 hours during the weekend (unless I have somewhere to attend to.

1 hour at work during lunch break and usually 1-2 hours at home.


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Well, being socially inept really helps my gameplay-time, but with so many games being so long it is still hard to find time for all of them. Had to make a call and saythat any PS4 released that i don't already own is something i have to let go. Also made the decision to limit my Switch-purchases other than the necessities for the time being. Current backlog stands at 18 games.

I definitely don't have enough time for all the games. It feels like I don't really have enough time to do much interesting stuff at all. I have a normal job and I should finish up my studies, but for the most part, I don't think I'm busier than the usual person, but it still feels like I have so little free time. I'd happily sacrifice two hours of work time and salary per day to get more free time.

Proud to be the poll's first no.

Yes I think this future on GAAS will be dreadfull with like no more than 10-20 games being succesfull and taking all the money for like 5 years with all others vanishing in the twilight of devs closing doors. Also I much prefer SP games. And I do game a lot, my scorecard can attest that, same as you I don't play all I bought and I haven't bought all I wanted.

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I'll be good once I get to buy another 3DS to complete my backlog on that platform :P

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Has anyone ever here bought a game you wanna play only to realize months later you probably will never end up playing it? because it has happened to me... there is just so many great games coming out that games that are a solid 7 or 8 on my scale are games i end up buying but rarely ever playing...

I still have many PS3 games to play... heck i even have a couple of PS2 games and about 10 or more PS1 games left to play and then there is a whole other backlog of PSP games (that i will play with emulation) that i have to play as well, and right now i havent played RE2R, Ace Combat 7 and both DMC5 and Sekiro came out this month... and those are just ther recent games of the last few months.