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Forums - Politics Discussion - Never feel badly about sharing your Netflix

That's right folks, don't feel bad, share your Netflix account with your entire neighborhood because according to ITEP, Labor 411, and Snopes, Netflix made $845 million in profits and paid $0 In taxes.

Now this isn't something new, corporations like General Electric paid $0 in taxes under the Obama era. Now conservatives fixed it for the corporations even more. The latest tax cut from 35% to 21% made it a heck of a lot easier for major corporations to end up paying no taxes because their loopholes weren't removed or cut. They had to shelter much less money than before. It makes perfect sense that the new tax laws made it easy for this to happen.

So go ahead, share your Netflix, dim the lights, put on some musk, light a candle.. let'em watch!

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deskpro2k3 said: 

So go ahead, share your Netflix, dim the lights, put on some musk, light a candle.. let'em watch!

Sounds so... chilling.

I've never shared my Netflix account, but if I ever do, I will take your advice to not feel bad about it.

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I feel bad because my history and recommendations are full of shit I didn't watch and don't want to see. And sometimes I try to download stuff to watch on the go and I can't because somebody else has already downloaded it!

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The ones that pay taxes are the ones with less money to do so.
That's common sense.
I don't Netflix, tho.

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First: Netflix will cancel your contract, which is not a real issue in itself.
Second: You will have to pay for the damage you did by sharing your account and could get sued. But there is yet no case known where people actually got sued. So, it's more likely that nothing will happen in this case.

I personally don't recommend it for whatever reason, but it's your life...

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Never had Netflix, probably ever wont lol.


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My friends have limited resources and wouldn't pay for it by themselves, so it's not like Netflix is loosing on anything (+free proliferation is actually good for their brand awareness).
Does any multi-million US company actually pays actually its taxes ?

Or you could just pirate the shows you want like a normal human being.

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I already use a shared Netflix account from a friend.