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Forums - General Discussion - How do you flirt with girl's online/Phone?

I'm new to it. I need help?

I game on all consoles and PC

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Easy follow these steps
1. Corny pickup line
2. Be yourself and it helps if your funny
3. Setup date asap, dont keep it online incase of catfish

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You send them pics of your dick!




Don't actually do this, it's just a joke. Anybody that does do that is a fucking weirdo!

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Lovingly press that home button or maybe fondle the volume keys a bit.

Otherwise, just say, "let me tell you about my money."

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The only real tough part, I've found, is that success depends pretty harshly on what firmware updates the girl has installed on her phone. Any phone that's too old won't really respond to flirting at all since it just doesn't have the AI necessary to comprehend your request.

Silly grammar it. Good luck with your flirting, dude.


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I grab them by their ***** like the US president.

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It depends if you are looking for fun or a longterm relationship.

If the second is the case I suggest that you just be yourself. Many will reject you but those that feel attached to you, will more likely remain with you for your life.

Wish i could help you, but i have issues starting conversations with women much less flirting with them


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