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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Predict Days Gone's OpenCritic Score


Predict Days Gone's OpenCritic Score

95+ 32 2.45%
91-94 79 6.05%
87-90 230 17.61%
83-86 470 35.99%
79-82 269 20.60%
75-78 98 7.50%
71-74 39 2.99%
67-70 22 1.68%
63-66 10 0.77%
62 or Under 57 4.36%

This week's front-page poll.

Potentially next month's biggest release, Days Gone is also one of the hardest to call when it comes to review scores.

On the hand this is uncharted territory for a developer that has worked on handheld titles for the best part of 15 years, the zombie concept is hardly original, and the game was ominously delayed for more polish. On the other hand it looks like it's going to be a beautiful open world game with the high production values that Sony first party exclusives have come to be known for. The developers are also aiming to introduce some strategic depth to the combat, though whether they can balance it well enough to hit a sweet spot remains to be seen.

So what is your prediction?

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I think 79-82. Consensus will be does nothing new but does it well


OpenCritic? You ******* hipster. I'm gonna say 87. Take that Flilix!

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

I'll go with 84.

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I went for 83-86. I think it'll get 85 once it settles, both in OpenCritic and Metacritic.

It should easy score between 80-84% come on, every copy paste Ubi game scoring over 80%

I'm guessing it'll end up in the low 80s. I don't see it becoming another massive hit for Sony, but I think it'll still do well enough.

86 for OC, 84 for MC.

i'll hang anyone say 95+