Forums - Gaming Discussion - Real Time Raytracing Demo from Crytek running on AMD Vega 56 , PS5/Xbox 2 will able to run Raytracing???

How can this possible

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My take on this, This is a prove on how  a mainstream GPU can run a real time ray tracing , on top of that without a dedicated Ai or Ray core. (probably using  the compute unit on AMD ) 

 If PS5 or Xbox 2 is aiming on Vega 64 level performance or slightly better, PS5 or Xbox 2 will able to run raytracing like  every other affect without affecting the frame rates and without adding  extra dedicated ray tracing core.  

Even there was a rumor that microsoft is going to applie ray tracing on Scarlet " " and already have Direct X Ray tracing. 

Sony computer entertainment also hiring graphic engineers who can do a  raytracing    ""

and Polyphony digital (Gran Turismo developer) experimenting on raytracing


Even Metro Exodus Developer said it's possible for future console to run ray tracing on low level API and fast compute cores (which is already available on recent AMD GPU) ""

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Well this explains why ray tracing "just works" on RTX, because you don't necessarily need RTX to make it work. LOL

The demo looks very good, but it remains to be seen what kind of impact does it have on the performance.

Still, the fact that they've achieved that means that we should see some form of Ray Tracing on next gen games, albeit very limited.

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Yea this demo/GDC RT focus makes me hopeful we'll atleast get some forms of approximations for raytraced reflections/global illumination right out of the gate (in some AAA games) next gen. The mid-gen upgrade then might include dedicated RT hardware and boost the speed/quality/amount of RT effects a lot.

Looks good for sure. Vega 56 is about on par with what we can expect on next-gen if the rumors are true, maybe we can expect a bit more on PS5 and Xbox Anaconda.

What we've heard rumors wise:

Google Titanium- More powerful than Xbox One X (so more than 6 tflop) for $350-400 (but releasing a year earlier than Xbox and PS possibly)
Xbox Lockhart- More powerful than Xbox One X for $300
PS5- 10 tflop rumored for $400
Xbox Anaconda- 12 tflop rumored for $500

(all are most likely using Zen 2 CPU's and GDDR6 RAM, maybe only GDDR5X for Titanium and Lockhart)

Vega 56 is 8 tflop with normal clocks, 10 tflop with boost clocks, so falls in somewhere between Titanium + Lockhart and PS5 most likely. Of course, tflops is just theoretical performance, depending on architectural improvements the next-gen AMD GPU's could exceed Vega 56 performance even with less tflops (in the case of Lockhart and Titanium).

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I'm sure Raytracing will be one of the defining features of next-gen & unlike 4k you won't need a specific TV to benefit.

Very encouraging. Looking forward to the next few months even more.

Wow, so much to unpack here. I'll let pema do the bulk work here but a few things:

Is this rendered 1080p or 720p? The latter won't fly on any next gen console.
Looks like they skipped AA on this one, which is a significant additional performance drag.
Seems to be 30fps in a very quiet and empty scene, i.e. absolutely not representative of an actual game.

Low quality RT is of course possible on mainstream GPUs, as is anything low quality. Color me non-impressed.

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If one or the other is idiotic enough to crush performance over a feature like this, I'll buy the other or neither and go PC. I'll wait happily for a mid gen console that pushes ray tracingif they can keep it in their pants.


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