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Doesn't have to be a moment of mind-blowing graphics, although it can be; could also be a gameplay innovation, or just whatever it was in a game of that gen that took your breath away the most. List yours and explain why it did so.

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I was impressed when I played Alan Wake for the first time in 2012.

It was one of the most impressive games I've played in 7th gen. The graphics, the soundtrack, the gameplay, the narration... Everything was so good.

For this gen, several things in Nier: Automata. In particular, a realization you make several hours after reaching the ending. I have not seen any other game do something like this before.
And then there was a choice you get to make at the very end, which transcended the game itself into real life.

There was nothing comparable in any other generation. But worth mentioning, albeit a very different experience, was trying Mario 64 for the first time.
I had played games in 3D before that, but in a way it almost felt like I hadn't.
Metal Gear Solid 1 had a similar effect on me during that same generation.

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Although I grew up on 4th generation consoles as a kid, the 5th generation never had much of an impact on me. Maybe I was born too late for it, but seeing games in 3D always felt completely normal to me as a kid, even if it was cool (and of course at that time I could never go back to 2D games because they were obviously worse!).

I think my first big wow moment was the leap to the PS2 on the 6th generation, and while I was initially wow'ed by the first games I played on it, the biggest "wow" moment on it was probably Shadow of the Colossus, which I played two years after getting the console. The scale was just so massive, it felt like such a huge game and like nothing I had ever played. Truly the first one that impressed me on that level.

The biggest 'wow' moment I've ever had in gaming though, I think it's in the 8th generation with No Man's Sky. Say what you will about that game (well, the vanilla version of it), but those first 2 hours truly blew me away. It was something that had never been done before, I remember dreaming of something like that in a game ever since the days of Spore back in 2008 (speaking of which, that was another underwhelming 'wow' kind of game, but not nearly as much).

7th generation, I don't know what would be my 'wow' in it. Eh, Skyrim I guess?

Edit: also shout-outs to Breath of the Wild, not my biggest 'wow' moment of the 8th generation but those physics and organic interactions blew me away and still do.

NES- Beating Ganon for the first time in Legend of Zelda...I was like 6 and felt like I conqured the world.

SEGA Genesis- The wow factor of watching Sonic go Super Saiyan for the first time.

GB/GBA- Finding out the Link's Awakening was literally all just a dream.

N64- The utter dispear my 10 year old self felt when I first entered Hyrule Castle town as Adult Link, and realizing that Ganondorf had almost caused the apocalypse (again 10 years old, and it did look like it was hit by a bomb).

PS2- Final Fantasy X and watching Tidus fade away at the end of the game.

PS3- Skyrim...just all of Skyrim...

PS4- Seeing Kratos come to terms with his past, regret his actions, and try to teach his son that they must be better than the man he was.

Nintendo Switch- The shear wonder and amazement I felt while exploring Hyrule and slowly working my way up to settling a 100 year old score with Calamity Ganon.

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Every gen I've been a gamer with my own systems seems more apt. So,

- Mgs1
- Mgs2
- GTA5
- Undecided but so far... erm, Astrobot maybe. Re7 VR. The Witcher 3? Eh... it's too early and I'll need some space to define a clear winner. Traditional gaming has The Witcher 3 though I'd reckon as a wow moment and VR as a whole is a wow.


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from recent memory: assassin's creed origins while traveling through the word seeing old already visited places far away in the horizon.

NES - Non-Linear map design, and the ability to save in SMB3. 

SNES/Genesis - Fatalities in MKII

N64 - Just the jump to 3D. Seriously, it was a massive change in games that will never be matched!

PS2/Gamecube/Xbox - Wandering around Morrowwind, and realizing that it was an entire game the size of a small country. 

PS3/360/Wii - Watching everyone pull together to make it out alive during the final mission of Mass Effect 2. 

PS4/XB1/WiiU/Switch - Jin's sad story from Xenoblade 2. Or realizing that NIntendo just made a better open world game than 90% of all open world games on their very first try. 

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Shiken said:

N64- The utter dispear my 10 year old self felt when I first entered Hyrule Castle town as Adult Link, and realizing that Ganondorf had almost caused the apocalypse (again 10 years old, and it did look like it was hit by a bomb).

Yeah, definitely on that one.  It's the first time I recall such a trope in a 3D adventure game and it made an impression seeing the town square where couples were dancing filled with ReDeads...

I've got another one from Ocarina of Time that no one mentions.  After leaving the Kokiri Forest and entering Hyrule Field there's a fairly steep incline so you don't really see anything except the ground right in front of you.  But when you go forward just a bit more you reach the crest of a small hill and Hyrule Castle, at that time a very large structure in a video game, is suddenly in full view with Death Mountain to its right and the world, which up until then was confined to fairly compact areas, just seems so big all of the sudden.  It's a nice little subtle piece of game design that's always stuck with me but I don't think many people appreciated.

Gen 5: It was so long ago I can't even remember
Gen 6: FFX. Just the whole game. Best game ever!
Gen 7: Halo 3. The icy level just after the flood attack and you're travelling around in tanks and shit. It was just so awesome. A big environment to drive through, cool vehicles/enemies and the music was perfect too.
Gen 8: umm.... still waiting I guess?

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