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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Predict which genres Google console are having exclusively made for 1st party?Also predict which studios you think they'll buy?

If google does make a console What type of first party exclusives would you think it'll make? Like buying some First studios and making studios from ground up? I think they'll have these genres in 9th gen Sim racing, First person shooter,3rd person, western rpg, action game,fighting game


Sega doesn't count since there 3rd party probably doing exclusives to google but there not first party 


I think they'll buy cd project red , and 4A and probably 3 more major devs?

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Puzzle games. I mean, that's what the Google Play store is mostly known for, so I think most Executives will think the same.

The game called "none"

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They'll definitely bring their best platformer to the console



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There won’t be any first parties. At least not at launch I guess. Otherwise we would have had rumors about it circulating for some time


derpysquirtle64 said:
There won’t be any first parties. At least not at launch I guess. Otherwise we would have had rumors about it circulating for some time

If they were to make a console they should have 3 or 4 first party thoughout 9th gen ? If it's a console 

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It was reported last year that Google was eyeing certain developers to purchase and make 1st party, but we don't know which studios they were eyeing and rather or not they actually bought them. Even if they did buy some 1st parties already, unless they were specifically looking for studios that had in-development, unannounced games that were at least 50% complete, and bought both the studio and the game rights rom whoever was publishing it, it is unlikely that they will have many 1st party games in the first couple of years of the 9th gen. That seems to be why they are making deals for 3rd party exclusives from publishers like Sega and Ubisoft, to supplement their exclusive lineup until they can build up a strong 1st party.

As for what 1st party studios they might have been eyeing, it is hard to say, we don't know if they were looking at smaller AA devs mostly, like Microsoft, or if they were looking at big AAA's. One thing is for sure, AAA's would cost alot to buy, here are some independent AAA's they could be looking at if they are willing to shell out some big money: Gearbox, Crytek, 4A, CD Projekt, Techland, and Sumo. They could even look into buying a whole AAA publisher like Bethesda if they really wanted to break into the market, but I highly doubt they would make a move that big right out of the gate, they will wait and see if the console and streaming service are a success before they make any moves that big I think. 

1st party genre wise, they will most likely want:

-At least 1 multiplayer shooter

-At least 1 RPG

-At least 1 platformer

-At least 1 racing game

-At least 1 action-adventure game

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