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Forums - General Discussion - Ryuu dickbutt a namechange would have suffised


How many years

Fewer then 1 2 15.38%
1 year 0 0%
2 years 1 7.69%
3 years 0 0%
4 years 0 0%
5 or more 10 76.92%

As the title states how long do you expect vgc to be running?

Will the early users get a chance on that 20 year badge or is it long gone by that time?

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What have sjw to do with the traffic on this side?

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Until LoD 2 is announced.
Don't think the site can survive my reaction to it.

I do not see what SJW (as annoying as they are) have to do with anything related to site traffic...

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I expect this site to be alive when i die

The funny thing about this ridiculous thread is how people are voting :P

Really though, if there is a decline, "sjw" would be the last reason if at all.

Besides, as long as we have competing dedicated video game hardware, there will be console wars. Hence video game sales data is needed.

Assuming there's never an issue with ioi's payment method for site hosting fees or whatever else needs to paid I think it will be up indefinitely. He doesn't seem to care enough to intentionally close the site down so as long as the payments go through it will stay up, probably even if it's losing him money, I doubt he'd even notice that was the case to be honest.

Oh, and sjws have nothing to do with vgc's decline.

If threads like this keep getting made, not long.

SJW has absolutely nothing to do with the sites decline, ridiculous thread, locking.