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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Playing Link's Awakening

So I've decided to play the original (well DX version actually) Link's Awakening in preparation for the remake releasing later this year. This will be my first time playing through it (I played it as a kid but didn't get far) and was wondering if anybody else was planning on doing the same, whether it be for the first time or replaying?

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I might now that you mentioned it, I have it on my 3DS if I recall correctly.


Definitely not planning on replaying it, ever. I'll maybe give the remake a shot but the original is easily my least favorite Zelda. Way too many roadblocks with obtuse solutions, way too many cryptic puzzles, and even the final boss requires some insanely obscure knowledge to get to and then to beat. It's as close as a Zelda game has gotten to Star Fox Adventures, really. Not a fan.

Only 2d Zelda ive played is ALBW's which was great, so im just going to play the Remake off Links Awakening so as not to ruin anything. Its basically a brand new Zelda for me. Cant wait.

Enjoy, its a great game

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I want to, but I doubt I have the time.

I envy those that will it for the first time, it’s a masterpiece.

My gf had the same idea and considers starting the DX version.

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It's one of the few I didn't hardly play yet. I was planning into to eventually, but knowing their will be one that is far more modern in so many ways will force me to hold off. I do, however, desire to finish beating Ages/Seasons now.

Amazing game, one of the very best games on the GameBoy.

I don't plan on replaying it even though it's my 2nd favorite Zelda game. I just want to go into the remake with fresh eyes and see how well the remake brings out the memories and nostalgia of the original time I played the game.