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Forums - Politics Discussion - Is being against killing babies when they're BORN consider as political points?


Is being against killing babies consider political points?

Yes 1 33.33%
No. 2 66.67%

The DEMOCRAT governor from Virginia seems to think so.

Personally I am against killing babies, but that might just be me.

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Political points? As in, something to brag about to gain votes? No. Being a normal sane person is not something to brag about or gain votes for.

Republicans have made political points around this issue by making false claims recently against the Dems, its sad and worrying to see

If groups stick to the actual facts without distorting them, then no 

You really want the political threads gone, don't you?

After watching the video, it is said in the there that the governor is against Infanticide, which premise of this thread seems based around him being for it. A long with the really pointed nature of the question and tbh this thread seems to be trying to lead a particular type of response. This thread is just a recipe for disaster. Locking


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