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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PQube: Switch will replace the Vita for Niche Japanese Games; PC Is Too Overcrowded

"I’m really confident that that audience is going to move to Switch. I think the PC market is starting to become more challenging. It’s not necessarily a Japanese game issue, but more of an issue about the volume of content.There’s just so much stuff on there, and I’m kind of concerned that lots of people won’t be able to weather that storm…”

“I think it’s already on its way to do that for sure. The hardware itself is fantastic and sales on the platform are really good.

As a publisher that’s kind of a relief, because we were seeing Vita going down and we were wondering what would things be like in the future.

When we first saw the Switch we were like “okay, the hardware is really cool, but we don’t really know how the ecosystem is going to work,” and then we realized “wow, it is selling well!” The first things that we published on the Switch did really great.”

Interesting there PC comments, they do have PC games on there release schedule. So it must not be that bad for them at least. But its great to hear that there switch games sold great and I think most can agree that Switch will replace the Vita for these Niche game. We will probably see a lot of PS4/Switch games this year.


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Yep been saying for awhile that Switch isnt just the successor to 3DS/Wii U but Vita as well.

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Yep, this is basically what I thought would happen, all those niche Vita games would move over to the Switch eventually.

PC gaming is incredibly niche in Japan, mostly just MMOs.

News to me about the PC thing, Japanese publishers actually seem to be relying on the platform more and more, if anything. Then again I guess what I mostly know about are AAA and AA titles, but even recently there was a really niche Asian game that sold very well on Steam (honestly can't remember what it was, my bad). I think they sell pretty well if anything. 

Switch is definitely a much safer bet though. Less competition overall and a lot of the Switch audience is probably inherited from the Vita.

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The entire handheld market is going to be on the Switch this time including devs that made games for the Vita. Switch is going to have an extremely large game library when you consider how many different types of devs it's drawing on.

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100% agree. PC market has the most competition. I remember hearing awhile back that indie devs, though still releasing on pc and ps4, are finding that Switch and even Xbox sometimes result in better sales due to less competition.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Of course, that is the case. No one wants to play exotic Vision Novels on the big screen! People will want that to be private.

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killeryoshis said:
Of course, that is the case. No one wants to play exotic Vision Novels on the big screen! People will want that to be private.

Erotic visual novels is pretty much the only thing that PC gaming has a monopoly on in Japan, as Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft do not want to let hentai on their system.

Hopefully all those Vita games become switch/ps4 titles and not just switch exclusive.