Forums - Sony Discussion - Does anybody else besides me want Killer Instinct on PS4?

Do you want Killer Instinct on PS4?

Yes 8 18.18%
No 31 70.45%
I dont like Youtube 5 11.36%

I wanna play it using The broadcast or upload feature found in Sony consoles . I'm barely playing Xbox one because Microsoft doesn't allow us to upload on youtube also I like playing with the masses on PS4 . Do you also wish to broadcast on youtube some Microsoft or Nintendo games ?

Update:Just bought Killer instinct Deluxe Edition for 10 $ and its easier to do combo's than dragon ball fighter z or soul calibur 6 and thats with the combo assist turned off , I was mashing heavy punch and few directional butoon movement at same time , The combo's seem easier than anything besides smash bros . KI is fun I definely want a PS4 port and Switch port

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I genuinely don't think the Switch would be capable of handling that at least not very well, if you think about it the PS4 has a dedicated piece of hardware which handles the video encoding and storage as you play, the Switch is clearly lacking in that area as they're using a stock NVIDIA shield inside the thing and you can see that reflected in the software when it comes to the ability to record 30second clips at half frame rate, in comparison to the PS4's ability to record the last half an hour at a press of a button, some titles on the Switch don't even allow you to record video because of the hardware constraints and some titles don't even allow you to take screenshots as well as half frame rate videos.

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Killer Instinct is the best fighting game this gen in my opinion. Primarily because it was fresh compared to other games in the genre.

They did a better job with that reboot than I ever expected.

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I've only played it once for about 15 minutes, it didn't really leave an impression with me. I'm not the biggest fighting fan in general though.

Why don't you just play it on Win10 or Steam and upload to YouTube yourself?
I dont think MS have any plans releasing there IP on PS especially considering Sony locked SF5 off XB1. Maybe if Sony allows GamePass its possible.

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Loved 1 and 2.

Bought KI on Xbox one, played like 3 days, went back to KI 1 and 2. Sold 1 month later and went back to street fighter V.

kazuyamishima said:

Loved 1 and 2.

Bought KI on Xbox one, played like 3 days, went back to KI 1 and 2. Sold 1 month later and went back to street fighter V.

What didnt you like about it? 

Did you sell it not long after its launch?

I am also very interested in how you sold a game a month after that's a digital code.


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I played a couple of matches of this years ago. Wasn’t a big impression on me. However, I’d gladly take forza horizon on PS4 if Microsoft ever brings gamepass over to all platforms, which sounds like something they’re thinking about.

Injustice 2 , soul calibur 6 and upcoming mortal kombat 11 look and play way better than KI.

I don't have any need for it. I didn't care for it even in SNES.

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