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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which JRPG has the worst plot in your opinion?

Of all the JRPGs you´ve played, which one has the worst plot/story?

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The world ends with you(ds) gosh do I hate that game and myself for buying it after seeing all those great reviews it got

Ff 13. Holy shit. Crapfestgalore.

LOTR the Third Age, by Electronic Arts. Gamefaqs says it's a JRPG.

That's like asking which Uwe Boll film is the worst. There are so many to choose from that your answer might vary depending the day of the week.

I've come to the conclusion that many Japanese people just really enjoy artificially convoluted and nonsensical plots, especially when they're fluffed out by ridiculous terminology.

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You'll probably have to dig through a mountain of JRPG's never released here to begin with. As far as popular one goes, FF13 is certainly the jewel crown of last gen.

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FF13 for sure. By a long shot.

I believe the story was one of all the things I hated about Hyper Dimension Neptunia, but I can't actually remember what the game was about so I'll go with Final Fantasy XIII instead.

It's probably not the worst worst per se, but since it's quite fresh in my memory, I can't really think of anything else at the moment. Persona 5 features one of the most terrible stories I've ever experienced in a long time, coupled with many instances of plot holes being outright ignored, super one-dimensional characters and the pacing of the story taking super dramatic turns out of nowhere after hours and hours of entire nothingness of substance. Add to it terrible twists and that's the whole game, really.

To pinpoint several key bugging aspects of it (in spoilers, of course):

- Several story arcs of the game being outright ignored when it's convenient for the game, like Wakaba Isshi's research which is made a super big deal into the game, and at one point the villains after defeating Shido state they're going to use them against you, but then ultimately the bigger villain behind everything gets bored and ends the "game", thus rendering anything in regards to this useless. The build-up of you having a massive seizure everytime you see Shido? Lampshaded in a tiny conversation in his battle. "Hey remember this guy?" "Oh yeah I remember him". That's it. That's all there was to that. Hey, Goro Akechi has the power to make Personas go berserk! Nevermind, just kick him, and he'll realize he misses the power of friendship and that's it as far as the versus equivalent of the Trickster goes.

- Quantity over quality with the villains. Oh boy, Seven Capital Sins representing each one, how original. It would help if their dimension was a bit further than anything but what they actually represent, but nope, they drink the stereotypical embodiment of it in every single line of dialogue. Kudos to Shido, who features one of the most embarrasing sequences I've seen in many games as of late, with him laughing out loud alongside Akechi of how evil he is and how he plans to conquer Japan or whatever by being PM.

- Dumb main characters, like Makoto. What a terrible character, that works more as a liability to the team's dynamic with her constant prompts about studying and exams tham anything else. It's even worse how the game handles several of these, like for example the aforemented Makoto being super hated within the group and then blam, her Persona activates and everyone immediately starts loving her, and voting her as secondary leader and brain of the team for no absolute reason or logic.

- No pressure, no real stakes, no big mistakes from the party. They're outright right in everything they do, and their reasoning absolutely sucks but the game portrays them as genius and true heroes with absolutely no grounded semblance of reality. No consequences ever befall the party even though they act like dumb teenagers; in fact, the game's theme revels in them acting like dumb rebellious teenagers. Ryuji screams your secret identity to the public? Nah. Makoto gets everyone into the hands of mafia? Nah, just change their (actually only one in particular) hearts. The main character gets detained by the police? Nah, absolutely no one will remember he was ever detained and no picture was ever divulged further than the small tiny room you start in Was it ever explained where those guys who make you sign papers with your name go after that whole sequence?.

- Unsurprising twists. Wow, Ryuji didn't die! Wow, Morgana didn't die!

- Story/Gameplay elements that end up nowhere. Remember that part where Morgana halts your progress (hah, hah) inside a dungeon to tell you that you have to alter the person's perception in regard to something physical (a door, in this case) in the real world in order to progress in the Metaverse? Sounds like a cool concept, and it's actually told in an interesting manner that first time, because you uncover an actual (though heavily predictable) real-life secret that laters influences said person. This is never ever used again except in the casino dungeon, and the application of it is so utterly bland (hey guys, she has to see us in a courthouse, she saw us, okay let's go back to the dungeon sorry to waste you one day) that I'm wonder why didn't this get ditched entirely. The way it is implemented is just...dumb, and much like many other Persona 5 elements, it serves only as a tool to add more padding to an already crammed game.

- The big, bad villain behind everything. I tried really hard but I really didn't get his philosophy. All I know is that he made a rigged game from the beginning, and that's pretty much it, because he was going to imprison mankind either way (so I'm not sure what point was he trying to make by pitting you against Shido, really). On a side note, the ending where you side with him is actually decent.


I can understand why people like this game, but geez, the plot was so bad.

By far the weakest aspect of Fire Emblem Fates was the story. Birthright was incredibly generic, even by FE standards. Conquest was all over the place and rife with contradictions and overbearing plot elements (that FREAKING curse). Finally, Revelations was just... really boring and nonsensical. A short abridgement of the plot is as follows:

"Die, filthy traitor!"
"Please, wait! I am not your enemy! I cannot tell you why, but please believe me even though you have absolutely no reason to do so."
"Okay, I'll blindly trust you! Now I'll go jump into that ravine because you told me and you are totally trustworthy."