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Forums - Movies Discussion - Marvel reportedly planning R-rated Blade movie with Wesley Snipes reprising


Last month, Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned at the quarterly earnings call that the company intends to branch out into R-rated Marvel movies, and while Deadpool was the only property he singled out by name, one exceptionally bloody superhero series is likely to open the door for others. And since the rumors of an R-rated Black Widow movie were recently shot down by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, there’s already been some speculation that Blade might be next to take advantage of Disney’s newfound openness.

Sure enough, a source close to We Got This Covered has alleged that Marvel is currently planning an R-rated Blade movie, and as per Wesley Snipes’ various teases last year, it’s said that the star of the previous film trilogy is likely to be involved in the project. On top of that, it’s reported that the studio already has a script which sees Eric Brooks training his daughter (presumably Fallon Grey), but since it’s still an early draft, plans could easily change.

Weird, I was told Marvel/Disney would never do gory R-rated movies a while back (without naming names). Good to know Deadpool and (reportedly) Blade are getting the adult treatment they deserve with possibly more to follow (Ghost Rider would be another prime prospect for the Marvel R treatment or even Wolverine again). Looks like Snipes' repeated teases might have some truth to them after all.

Not too keen on the rumored mentor role in his first film back in 15+ years, though, they should save that for a later movie IMO (maybe have a post-credits scene with Fallon Grey). He's half-vampire, so he ages slower than your average human, no reason he can't still be kicking vampire ass in the year 2020 and beyond. Plus, even at 56, I'm sure Snipes could still kick the snot out of any one of us without breaking a sweat, and they could always use de-aging technology if need be like they did SLJ in Captain Marvel.

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I have to say I really hate that de-aging tech. It’s so distracting for me. I’m kind of dreading Captain Marvel...

@OT: I’ve always had a soft spot for Snipes and I love Blade II, so this is a pretty exciting rumor for me :D

He was born ready, mf'er

Wonder if Snipes is still in good shape.

Is he actually capable of reprising the role our is it just for intended marketing buzz ? (The anwser might not surprise you)

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Believe it when i see it

this is not happening.
Nothing is this news makes sense

Loved the first and second one, and he is not old enough in not being able to take up the role again.

Couldn't Snipes not pull off it at his own age? I mean for Martial Artist, he is not too bad compared to Seagal, Damme or Norris.

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maxleresistant said:
this is not happening.
Nothing is this news makes sense


NightlyPoe said:
I respectfully doubt this.

I believe it for a number of reasons. 

1)Snipes has been teasing it for months/years.
2)Disney said they ARE in the business of making R-rated Marvel movies, up to and including keeping Deadpool R, once the Fox deal is finalized (which should be any day now, oddly enough).
3) They apparently already have a script ready. It's said to feature his daughter who they were gonna use in a cancelled Blade comic.

I also don't think Snipes would agree to a Blade movie in the MCU unless they agreed to drop the cuffs and let him get the movie HE wants to make (read: R-rated, balls-to-walls vampire-slaying goodness, much like the comics and New Line Blade films), which is coincidentally what Ryan Reynolds said about Deadpool (that he won't do it unless it's R, he's said this repeatedly).