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Forums - Movies Discussion - Sonic's movie design seemingly leaked

Hollywood Sanic gotta go fast.
Good thing I was mostly a SNES kid.

She got retweeted by Sonic's creator:

Who doesn't seem happy with the design.

“Sonic’s design in the upcoming movie adaptation was leaked instead of being officially revealed. I think it’s part of the movie’s marketing strategy and they purposely leaked it, but it triggered a lot of negative reactions, which may also damage Sonic’s image as an IP so it’s not a good thing. Well, it’s also possible these pictures are fakes made by some fans, but I wish they’d at least give him a pair of gloves. It’s really shocking how Sonic’s hands themselves are white.”

In another tweet, he also stated how they could have done a better job when it comes to the proportions of Sonic’s body.

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I've seen broken bones that are more visually pleasing than this. I mean WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL ARE HIS HANDS?!??!

Definitely absolutely not.

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Oh no.

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The eyes aren't fused!?


His head isn't the worst thing I could imagine. Though, his eyes should be larger. But, God, that body is horrible. Looks like it's jus a dude in a suit. Are they trying to get the furry crowd?

PAOerfulone said:


I really wanted to be hyped for this, but in true video game to movie fashion, Hollywood fucked it up again!


I couldn't imagine a sonic so ugly even if I tried



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