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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best Nintendo First-Party Developer?


Who is your favorite first-party developer for Nintendo?

NDCube 1 2.13%
Monolith Soft 9 19.15%
Retro Studios 3 6.38%
Grezzo 1 2.13%
1-Up Studio 1 2.13%
Nintendo EPD 32 68.09%
Nintendo Software Technology 0 0%

Mine is obviously Retro Studios, seeing as they successfully resurrected two legendary Nintendo brands (Metroid and Donkey Kong), and have the most consistent quality of their releases.

Of course I still love Monolith Soft and Nintendo EPD, but which of them is your favorite first-party Nintendo developer? :)

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EPD and Retro Studios

Lryu222 said:
EPD and Retro Studios

Sorry if you voted for SPD earlier, because I meant to say EPD in that spot.

Monolith Soft, not only releasing their own games, they still have time to help Nintendo a lot for lending Nin a hand to make other Nintendo games including Mario Kart, Splatoon, Zelda BoTW...

God Tier: Nintendo EPD, Monolithsoft - especially when they co-develop games like Breath of the Wild.
Good Tier: 1-Up Studios, Grezzo - They usually remake and co-develop games, they typically do a great job: 1-up is the successor to the Earthbound team.
Junk Tier: NDCube, Nintendo Software Technology, Retro Studio - I can live without these studios.

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Monolith > Retro

Monolith at least can release games

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EPD is a given, but i'd like to highlight Monolith.

EPD obviously, I mean if you look at EPD/EAD’s track record, not exactly a contest.

EricFabian said:
Monolith > Retro

Monolith at least can release games