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Forums - Sony Discussion - Ghost Giant - PSVR (April 16th)

Just saw this. This is looking like another cute and good quality PSVR game. Reminds me of Moss with the ''other worldly being'' being us, but with the charm and cuteness of Astrobot. 



some stuff about it:

Developer Zoink Games - the studio behind Stick it to the Man, Fe, and Flipping Death - has announced that its adorable virtual reality puzzle-adventure Ghost Giant will launch on PSVR on April 16th.

Ghost Giant - a collaboration between Zoink and Swedish writer Sara Bergmark Elfgren - tells the story of Louis, a young boy living on a sunflower farm, on the outskirts of town, with his mother. "Life isn't always that easy though," explains Zoink, "and Louis is incredibly lonely". That's where you, in the role of the titular Ghost Giant, come in.


I'll be picking this one up for sure.

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Looks incredibly charming for sure

Unfortunately doesn't look like it'll pique my interest either.

Looks good

That's adorable and is a good mix of storytelling and gameplay.

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