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Forums - General Discussion - SanDisk Announced It's 1TB Micro SD Card

The inexorable march of increasing storage capacities continues today with the announcement of the world’s first 1-terabyte microSD cards. Micron and Western Digital’s SanDisk brand have both launched UHS-I microSDXC products today at Mobile World Congress, which will be good news for anyone looking at Samsung’s new 1TB Galaxy S10 Plus and thinking “what if that, but doubled?”

Of the two cards, Western Digital is claiming a performance advantage by citing up to 160MB/s read speed versus 100MB/s for Micron’s. The Micron card’s max write performance is 5MB/s faster at up to 95MB/s, however.

The SanDisk card will be available from April for $449.99, which is a pretty high convenience premium considering the new 512GB card in the same line will sell for $199.99. Pricing for the Micron card hasn’t yet been announced, but a spokesperson tells us it’ll be “priced competitively” when it’s released in the second quarter of this year.

This will be perfect for Switch owners who have all digital game libraries. Once prices drop considerably in the next year or so, Switch owners will have little trouble with lacking storage space. At least while the average Switch game remains well less than 16gb.

Next up is 2TB Micro SD Cards.


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That's very nice. If it were affordable id upgrade my 200gb switch micro to this.

Yes cause a MicroSD card that is more expensive (by a lot) than the console itself is totally reasonable? I wish. The solution to this, I've found in my own experience, is to stick with a 80-100 gb sd card, and simply uninstall games after I've beaten them since I've gone digital only. I have blazing fast internet, so if I want to replay a game I just redownload it quickly. This way, I still have all the essential ones that I play randomly or on the go, but avoid the high cost of these newer cards.

Oh, sweet!

*sees price* Oh, Dear God! Well, hopefully it’ll be significantly cheaper by the time the Nintendo Switch 2 comes out.

That price is insane. You can buy four 256 GB Sandisk SD cards for $180 by comparison ($45 each) on Amazon right now.

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Nice, in 2 years I'll almost finish the storage on my 200GB Micro SD on Switch, by then the 500GB option should be 60 dollars

doubt i'll ever need that much 128 gb is doing me fine will likely upgrade to the 400 when its under 30 but for now I'll stick to my 128gb

Cool, but how will this effect gaming? Will we switch from SSDs to these?

That would certainly be fun to have, but that price.

billgatesdotexe said:
Cool, but how will this effect gaming? Will we switch from SSDs to these?

Those data transfer speeds are nowhere near SSD speeds. Also, you can get a 1 TB SSD for much less than $450 now, I see them for $125 on Amazon right now.  

SanDisk 1 TB SSD- $125, 535 MB/s read, 450 MB/s write

SanDisk 1 TB SD card- $450, 160 MB/s read, 90 MB/s write