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Any other Switch owners interested in this one? I feel like it kinda got overshadowed since it's reveal was just before the recent Direct. Surprised it wasn't in the Direct honestly given several other indies were included.

Anyway, it's a physics-based puzzler coming to Switch next month. Gameplay is based around levels made of fully deformable clay where you use different powers to destroy or manipulate your surroundings in order to complete challenges.

Looks like the kind of game that will be good for kicking back, relaxing, and messing around. 

It also just looks really cool and fresh in the sense that there really aren't any other games out there quite like it, at least that I'm aware of, and it's always nice to see developers trying new things.

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Whoa, looks neat! The real challenge is finding something to make.

looks pretty interesting, one thing that's cool with the eshop is a lot of titles like this get demos' so we can take a look first then lay down some cash, Nintendo went from being miles behind with their online store to being pretty much ahead of the game in my opinion with the Switch.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

That looks beautiful!! :D

CaptainExplosion said: 
That looks beautiful!! :D

Indeed, one of the nicest looking Switch games to date IMHO.

Not sure if thus will embed properly (I suck at that sort of thing) but here's some portable mode screens

Besides looking great it seems like the kind of game that will lend itself really well to portable play with its bite-sized levels. You can knock off a level or three on during a short bus/train ride or on your lunch break at work.

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Wow, how did this not get spotlighted in the Direct? This looks really cool! I love physics puzzlers.

Release date confirmed: 12th of March

Also, new trailer showing the game's creation tools, which are cross-platform allowing Switch owners to share levels with players on other systems

Its been out for along time on PS4, Steam too right? (like 6months+)
So good on Switch also getting it.

Havnt played it myself but.... from the look of it, its a puzzle course, time run thingy, with levels.
You controll a ball of clay, and move it through a course.

Its simple but looks pretty good in action.

looks interesting my kids might like it as they are obsessed with Clay

looks interesting, not sure if its something id buy tho

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