Well it only took just over 11 years but I got to 5 digits finally haha.

AVG 2 posts per day.


Wonder who's got the highest avg posts per day on here. Seen a few in the 10s as you see them comment here and here.



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Congrats on reaching the 10k club!

My highest was 12 per day or somewhere around there. Now I think I am down to 6. Lol In general, the users who spam really hardcore tend to burn out for a while. There's still a few on here a decent amount though.

Congrats on reaching this mile stone, also posts per day doesn't mean much, I seen people who posts 20 times a day, but literally have three word responses in 90% of them. Remember Quality over Quantity!


Get a life.

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That’s a milestone I doubt I will ever get to...

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Cobretti2 said:

Wonder who's got the highest avg posts per day on here.

Probably me. Mine's currently 24. At one point it was 50 though.

Oh, and congrats on the 10k!

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So... I presume you are never posting again to keep that nice round number?

Hmm, pie.

Damn... that is a nice number I never thought that I will reach my current post count, so who knows, maybe one day...


According to the old titles, you're now a VGC God!

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