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I should make clear that I don't rule out picking up a Sony console at some point, though it's certainly not in the forseeable future unless they completely blow me away somehow. Typically not into their style of games usually. And at this point, I've weened myself 99% on controllers with letters rather than shapes during my almost 3 decades of gaming, so trying to fumble around with a PS controller will be quite the mind screw that I suspect would take months for me to fully get accustomed to.

Though if Sony ever releases a PS2 Classic, I'd certainly be interested in that. :P. PS2 was probably the strongest era for Sony in terms of my tastes.


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Burning Typhoon said:

I think the eco systems are opening up. Well, they definitely are, with microsoft having Live on Switch. Really smart move. I'm sure sony will follow, with PS5 console exclusives on PC.

Sony already offers PS Now on PC and I'm pretty sure they'll include all games day1 in that service in time (maybe not in the flatrate though). Obviously game streaming isn't quite the same experience as running it localy and doesn't profit from a high speced machine, but that might still be a viable way to play their single player exclusives. I doubt they'll do it like MS and have PC versions of all their games.

Staying with Switch and if PS5 is backward compatible then that once there are compelling enough games.

Depends on the offer and software. But most likely none of them for at least one year from launch, unless one of them will come with some mind blowing title(s).

I Will get a ps5. I dont care about Xbox or Nintendo. Never did.

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PS5! 100%

Switch/PC combo. Any other console is unlikely but not impossible.

And since I'm playing on a laptop right now (needed to be very mobile, but that will end this year), my next-gen system will be a gaming PC. Zen2/Ryzen3, Navi, 16-32GB RAM (depending on the price, can always upgrade that one later on), 512-1GB M.2 SSD (again, depending on price by then - though probably 1GB considering how far they're dropping) and 4-6TB HDD. And a Blu-Ray drive for my movie collection and retrogaming (I got tons of PC games on discs).

You should have made a poll. I'll be getting ps5 day 1. If they have a premium ps5 for no more then €499 I'll buy that instead. I'll be getting a high end 55" 4k oled in 2021 so can't wait to try my next gen system on it.

I planned on leaving games behind after the end of the GameCube/PS2 era because I felt the Xbox 360 and 7th gen in general weren't much of a leap and graphics weren't getting any better.

Fast forward to today and I own every console released since then. Most on day one.

I'm not too excited for next gen and I don't really see graphics getting much better but... I'll probably buy everything.

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i buy all sony (and nintendo) consoles.

for xbox, if i buy the next system, it won't be for a while. xbox is for exclusives only, and this gen has been rancid. easily the worst console i've ever owned. i like a wide variety of games, and yet my last three purchases have all been in the Forza franchise. while they are seemingly going to put in a bit more effort next gen and have made some decent purchases, MS's history tells me to wait and see if they can actually back up all their talk with some actual results for a change. i think i will wait until there is at least 10 exclusives that i want to play before even considering it