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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have You already Made Your Decision on What Next-Gen System(s) You'll Buy?

As we're all aware Microsoft & Sony are preparing their next consoles. This comes off the back of a pretty dominant era from Sony

I'm not going to do an endless post-mortem of where MS went wrong but they are making moves in the acquisition of multiple studios and also the continued improvement & value proposition of their online service.

If you're a PS4 owner have you already nailed your colours to the mast or are you open to seeing what MS has to offer?

If you're an XB1 owner, are you being tempted by Sony's 1st party mastery?

Or maybe with the expansion of the Play Anywhere service by MS, you're thinking of going just PC (plus Switch potentially)?

I guess the crux of the question is, have you already made your mind up and what, if anything, could change it?

To answer my own question : I've been predominantly a Nintendo fan since the N64 and have owned every home console since, with the exception of the Wii U - so have been loyal up to a point but won't mindlessly part with my hard-earned if I think the product isn't for me...

A couple of weeks ago I bought a PS4 Pro (my 1st Sony console) & am having a great time playing Spiderman. I can't say that I've experience the same level of elation as points in BOTW or Mario Odyssey, but the production values are amazing and it's got me excited to try GOW & Horizon Zero Dawn amongst others. I also have a 5 year old PC which is starting to show it's age & am planning a new build when the new Zen processors are released.

So - at the moment, if I was a gambling man I'd bet that 'next gen' I'll be the owner of a Switch (for it's 1st party goodness), PC (for it's horse power, access to cheap gaming via Steam & option of MS Play Anywhere) &, on the evidence of my experience so far with PS4 Pro, quite possibly the PS5.

I think Microsoft will find it difficult to change my mind as I'll be able to play their games via Play Anywhere - and maybe that'll be just fine by MS (though they'd surely make way more money from me if I owned the console).

I also realise that I'm in a privileged position of having a little extra green these days so a multiple system solution is possible. I guess the decision becomes more difficult if you are limited to 1 or 2...

So who's decided, who's on the fence & why?

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I'm already gaming on a next-gen system.

So far, I think I'll keep my 3DS and PC for another gen. I'm gaming on PC since the PS3/360/Wii gen.

PS5 100%

I'll probably get a PS5, I like the first party stuff and 3rd party support is a given. I'm not too likely to get the next Xbox. I only have so much money and time for consoles and Xbox offers no first party games that I want to play, while Soy and Nintendo offer plenty that I'm interested in. I know Microsoft will push for lots of new exclusive franchises next gen so there's a chance those games will convince me to buy their next console.

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Switch looks like its getting a long life cycle, so I will stick with Switch and PS4 combo. I will probably skip PS5 for a few years until a price cut and make the most of the cheap games you will get on PS4. Switch has me covered for a few years yet, especially if Nintendo keep making positive strides with their software and growing third party support.

I am to embedded on the Playstation to jump to xbox now

PS2 Classic featuring Devil May Cry 3 from the Dante series.

this gen i skipped Xbox one and playstation 4, because i have a lot less time to games since my kids are born, and that i dont have the tv so much because of them. i had a last gen i had a WIIU, a ps3 ans an x360 and my gaming pc. now i have a switch, which host half of my game time, the other half going to the PC, so next gen i will stick with my switch, and put probably 1000$ to upgrade my pc

I would have to see the Hardware. I genrally own all systems in a gen except this one, so ill probably just stick to Playstation and Nintendo from now on. No more xbox for me after 2 gens with it, I really dislike what they have to offer this gen.