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Samsung exiting the 4k player market. 4k blu Ray sales are only 5% of the US market and DVD is still around 60%. Sony were right not to put a 4k player in the Pro. Save that for the ps5. 

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streaming// digital is just the way forward

Not surprising. Only serious videophiles buy 4k BluRay in significant numbers. And there just aren't enough of those people around to make the numbers work for most companies.

DVD is still around 60%? I'd think it was more like 45-35%. The way Blu Rays are stocked you'd think they take up a majority of the market. Then again, I suppose I've seen more 4k Blu Rays then just "5%" relative to their shelf space.

When the DVD was released, it didn't take too long until VHS was gone for good. But when the Bluray came out, the DVD is still going strong.
My guess is they didn't want to end the DVD because they still make money. And they also could be afraid by canceling DVD that their customers move on to streaming only.
Well, most people are going there despite there being DVD's.

Also, it seems like most people don't care about image quality. 4k HDR 10bit /12 bit is just something that streaming won't do. Streaming still suffers greatly with color banding issues.

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It’s because things have gotten “good enough”. No one’s going to replace their collections anymore. Obviously there’s also streaming which is killing disc sales, but I doubt really care that much about 4k there as well.

You're telling me there's still a 4k Bluray player market you can quit?

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And 4% of these 4k blu rays are the Xbox one S and X which they probably dont even know or care about it

Yikes. But it boggles my mind that DVDs still sell so well. It's usually only $5-$10 more for a Blu-ray combo pack that usually includes Digital HD and a DVD. New release DVDs are some of the biggest scams in the home media market in my eyes.

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