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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Get your speculating caps out, Nintendo is apparently reviving a 'very dead and buried game'.

Source here.

Nintendo is apparently reviving an officially cancelled, third-party 'dead and buried game that is "not one people would expect'. What could it be? 

Considering their relationship with Platinum, Project Hammer/Scalebound (I do believe Platinum, not Microsoft own the IP) are my guesses. 

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Metroid Prime 4

Half Life 3

Microsoft own the IP/assets for Scalebound.

edit: to give a reasonable suggestion, I think it could be project giant robot.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned

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Ice Climbers reboot.



Finally, Sadness is coming.

Partner with Konami and bring back Track & Field


Edit: I hadn't even realized this was actually a cancelled gamecube title 😛

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Donkey Kong Racing would be nice.

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Battlefront III

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