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Forums - Politics Discussion - NBC News: No Evidence Of Trump Russia Conspiracy

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Last edited by LurkerJ - on 15 February 2019

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1. "Senate Intel Cmte.... uncovered no direct evidence." Senate is controlled by the Repubicans, no? They just pretend to investigate to put on a show and has nothing to do with Mueller's case.
2. This is old news, I think I read about it months ago. In fact, it is not even news since it is so unimportant.
3. This youtube guy's a joke.


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You need to give some feedback, LurkerJ. What is your opinion? What's the video about?


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An entire investigation based on a fake dossier. Nothing found so far, among all Mueller indictments until here, none was related to Russia.

American logic:

Russia buy facebook adds -> collusion.
Israel buy half of the congressmen -> no problem here.

I'm not even going to break out the popcorn on this one just for the fact that when some people don't get what they want, they sulk in the shadows and turn the other way while the truth is popping them in the face.. still looking the other way.

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