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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Dead by Daylight Switch Port how do you feel about it?


Is this a good port?

Yes 3 30.00%
No 7 70.00%

Am I missing something? Did the game always looked like that ? Guys.... Guys! Is this a good port?


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Ported from N64? =D

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It looks bad.

Like PS2 graphics, which is almost 20 years old

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Its not out yet so how can we judge if its a good port yet? However given the footage we seen, thats a substantial downgrade from ps4, but it also looked terrible on ps4, ran terrible was clunky and glitchey. Gameplay is kinda fun though for a few hours but i got it for free on ps+ .

That picture. Is he in an underwater room?

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When it comes to horror, low-budget-feel and jankiness are tradition...

Well it ran decently enough on PC. Looks awful on Switch judging by that screenshot.

Looks really really bad. In terms of promotional material to obtain sales you have to ask why did they show it off. It doesn't help selling the game at all. Its very possible the game will look and run better...but if thats the case this trailer could have hurt sales. Cities Skyline had a similar reaction. Some parts of the trailer had some noticeable frame rate issues. However the game is a really port IMO.

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I know Nintendo want to show off "big" third party, but I really wish Nintendo would just not accept this kind of crap for a Direct. It made some segments more awkward then they needed to be. It was my favorite Direct but seeing Dead by Daylight and Assassin's Creed 3's ports was just embarrassing. Even Unravel Two somehow looked kind of crap, like the lighting system and texture work was too advanced for the system ... even though it clearly wasn't.

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I don't know much about the game but it looked pretty bad. Felt like a low point in the Direct.