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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How does FF9 hold up today?

I am ashamed to say I've never played the game. I enjoy RPGs and I was thinking of getting it. Technically, how does the game hold up? Is it grindy or does it get tedious at some point?

I know I'd be in for some top-tier storyline, great characters and amazing music. I just want to know how it plays.

Edit: I'm also reluctant to check reviews because of spoilers.

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Speaking as someone who has never played the game before today, so far I'm enjoying my time with it.

Still the best FF game to date. As long as you dont mind the old school graphics then I think you'll enjoy it. And It's only grindy if you want to feel OP.

Yeah. I didn't need much convincing or arguments. I'm already downloading.

Good. The combat is a bit slow, but it is otherwise a great game. (Honestly, it's the only PS1 Final Fantasy that I thought wasn't bad. It's actually very, very good!)

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I played it again for a while on my PS1 the other day and still enjoy it quite a bit. Then again, I also play a lot of the older stuff...


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I actually thought it holds up better these days than when it came out. Reason being, it came out at a time when the rpg genre was flourishing, so there was a lot of competition.

It wasn't until I re-played it a decade later, after playing more recent rpgs that I came to appreciate just how magical that game was.
They don't make em' like they used to.

Its a great clasic rpg, the scenery and music are fantastic. is a little slow,but tactical, you cant depend on limit breaks like 7 and mostly 8 so is better in that regard.
The world to explore is big and the mini game chocobo hot and cold is really fun and rewarding.
The second best PS 1 final fantasy. Number one is FF tactics to me.

Sorry for my bad english

Always suited well to mobile, switch as well to some extent. It will be more bearable on the switch visually due to the small screen.

I'm actually assuming you are downloading on PC/Mobile or PS.

You should be ashamed!! It's not only one of the best games ever made, it's the best FF game of all time :D