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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Story of Seasons (Bokujo Monogatari) X Doraemon announced for Nintendo Switch in Japan

Marvelous and Brownies have revealed Doraemon Nobita no Bokujou Monogatari, a crossover between Doraemon and Story of Seasons.

Japan will be getting the game sometime in 2019. You can get a brief look at it below.

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I know Doraemon is not really a thing in the west but if this was the Story of Seasons game confirmed to be in development for the Nintendo Switch a good while back I really hope it gets an English localisation, plus it looks pretty good for a side game.

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I hope it's better than that crossover they had with Popolocrois. That was...disappointing.

I'll keep my eye on it, but nothing to impressive from what I can see.


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