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Forums - Sales Discussion - Nintendo is correcting their sales prognose from 20 to 17 million!

The President of Nintendo announced that they will fail to sell 20 million this fiscal year, so Nintendo corrected their prognose from 20 to 17 million.

The reaseon he is telling that games like Mario Party, Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate did not seel as much consoles as they hoped for.

What do you think about it will they get their sales goal next year, or did they realese their strongest ip`s last year ?

Source:  DualShockers

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This has already been discussed to death and is old news.

Yeah, those aren't the reasons at all. The sales are about as expected, they're going to sell more than 17m at the current momentum, imo this is just a readjustment so they can say they beat their estimates and get the positive press that goes with that. They'll sell ~18m which is a damn good amount (and will only get better in the coming year)

You’re kinda late to the party.

It's not that big of deal really, 20 million was optimistic

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This is old news, and considering how much they sold on the holidays I would put the "blame" on all other quarters instead of Holiday and these games that sold a lot and pushed a lot of consoles.

But since they didn't reviewed their forecast until this one they really can't officially blame any other period besides what was between the two quarterly reports.

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Well, there weren't any system sellers from January to September 2018. That was the main reason imo.
Mario Party and Smash sold far better than expected and moved a very good amount of hardware. The impact of Pokemon Let's Go was alright.

Yeah, we've covered this pretty extensively over the last few weeks. While I respect that the article is new, I'd check out one of our other threads on the matter.