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Forums - Movies Discussion - Folks should consider to watch The Wandering Earth

Put aside

"I dont watch non-american movie"

"It's made by the Chinese"


Just give it a try, I assure vast majority of you will be thrilled by this sci-fi space movie.

The science part is no sub-par comparing to Interstellar, the fiction part is more fun to enjoy.


The Wandering Earth (2019) current has 8.0/10.0 from 2441 users on Imdb

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The synopsis is interesting. It's an absurd premise, but that's not a problem, nor is the fact that it's not American. I'll try to give it a look sometime.

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And where would one see that movie :/
I see the book is available on Amazon.

SvennoJ said:
And where would one see that movie :/
I see the book is available on Amazon.

Yeah, the movie has not been rated by the US ... yet.

So it's only available in a limited number of theaters in the States, I think there are only 22 theaters that has it ... at the moment


The movie was adapted from the novel with the same name.

Sounds like wacky sci-fi adventure I could get on !

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It will come to Netflix later this year. So far its the second highest grossing movie of all time in China it made over $600 million there and its the highest grossing movie world wide of the year so far. Don't think it will catch the highest grossing movie in China, Wolf Warrior 2 which made a bit more then $854 million there but it will make over $700 million there.

Its closing in on $700 million world wide.