Forums - Movies Discussion - Folks should consider to watch The Wandering Earth

Put aside

"I dont watch non-american movie"

"It's made by the Chinese"


Just give it a try, I assure vast majority of you will be thrilled by this sci-fi space movie.

The science part is no sub-par comparing to Interstellar, the fiction part is more fun to enjoy.


The Wandering Earth (2019) current has 8.0/10.0 from 2441 users on Imdb

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The synopsis is interesting. It's an absurd premise, but that's not a problem, nor is the fact that it's not American. I'll try to give it a look sometime.

Chinese food for breakfast


And where would one see that movie :/
I see the book is available on Amazon.

SvennoJ said:
And where would one see that movie :/
I see the book is available on Amazon.

Yeah, the movie has not been rated by the US ... yet.

So it's only available in a limited number of theaters in the States, I think there are only 22 theaters that has it ... at the moment


The movie was adapted from the novel with the same name.

Sounds like wacky sci-fi adventure I could get on !

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It will come to Netflix later this year. So far its the second highest grossing movie of all time in China it made over $600 million there and its the highest grossing movie world wide of the year so far. Don't think it will catch the highest grossing movie in China, Wolf Warrior 2 which made a bit more then $854 million there but it will make over $700 million there.

Netflix or I don't see it. Perhaps when I buy three months of Sky Tv's online Now TV for Game of thrones in the summer, It may be lying in the movie package. Otherwise, if it's not in the cinema or on Netflix or PlayStation films section, well, it could be a 100 on MC and I'll still not be bothered.


China Numba wan!!

Its closing in on $700 million world wide.